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Hairbysusy operates as an online and physical salon and brand with headquarters in the States of New York and California, United States ("we," "us," "our," and "Hairbysusy").


We prioritize transparency regarding the data we collect and its usage. Our commitment is to empower you to make informed decisions regarding the information you share with us.


Information such as email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays are shared with us, enabling us to maintain account security and provide updates on events, discounts, and other relevant information.


Our services facilitate various activities for our Members, including booking appointments, purchasing hair products and extensions, and accessing educational resources both online and in person. Additionally, we offer related services such as referral programs and directories.


When booking appointments, you agree and certify the completeness, truthfulness, and accuracy of all information provided. Any misrepresentation or omission may impact your data within the HBS Data System. Hairbysusy pledges not to sell your information to third parties but rather utilizes it to better understand your preferences and interests, including inclusion in company events and discounts.



In this privacy policy, the following terms hold significance:


- "Contact" refers to a person or Member who registers with us online through our Service.

- "Directory List or Referral List" pertains to a compilation of Contacts or Members who may upload or submit their work on our platform for promotion, along with associated information related to Hair, Fashion, Beauty, & Art.

- "Client" denotes any person or entity registered with us to utilize our Service.

- “Customer” refers to any person or entity that may purchase our products or services.

- "Personal Information" encompasses any data identifying or potentially identifying an individual directly or indirectly.

- “Service” refers to the provision of service to the client.

- "Visitor" may represent any individual visiting our Hairbysusy website, offices, or engaging with us at events or in connection with our marketing or recruitment endeavors.

- "You" and "Your" pertain, depending on context, to a Member, a Contact, or a Visitor.


Should you have inquiries about this policy, our data collection or processing practices, or any other privacy-related matters, we encourage you to reach out to us at your convenience.



Clients, Guests, or Customers assume full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury, allergic reactions, loss of property, death, or damage to personal property associated with salon services, including but not limited to temporary or permanent hair damage or unsatisfactory results. This release supersedes any prior agreements and remains effective even after service termination.



Hairbysusy reserves the right to use photographs/videos taken at events or appointments without expressed written permission. These materials may be utilized in various media productions. By engaging with us, you agree to release, defend, and indemnify Hairbysusy from any claims related to the use of your likeness. Unauthorized use of Hairbysusy materials is prohibited without advance written permission.



We shall not be held liable for breaches, hindrances, or delays in appointment performance attributable to causes beyond our reasonable control. We reserve the right to cancel appointments with written notice for reasons outlined herein, providing a full refund where applicable.



We retain the right to remove any User Content from our website, salon, brand properties, and services at our discretion and for any reason. If you believe User Content infringes on copyright, please notify us promptly.


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